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Where Are You Taking Me? (2010)

Where Are You Taking Me? (2010)
January 15, 2012 - 7:00 pm

"A poetic corrective to lingering stereotypes." —LA Weekly

Directed by Kimi Takesue

Kimi Takesue’s lyrical, observational documentary takes us to the streets, shops and countrysides of post-civil war Uganda, painting a portrait of a country rediscovering its human connections in peacetime. Eschewing a journalistic discussion of wartime atrocities and losses, Takesue allows such contextual information to quietly enter the frame, as her roving camera quietly observes the negotiations, rhythms and cycles of daily life in a new Uganda.

Producer, Cinematographer: Kimi Takesue. Editor: K. Takesue, John Walter.

HDCam, color, 72 min.

Watch the film's trailer: