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A Different Image  /  Creating a Different Image  /  Dreadlocks and the Three Bears  /  Your Children Come Back to You

A Different Image (1982)
December 2, 2011 - 7:30 pm
Alile Sharon Larkin.

A Different Image (1982)

Directed by Alile Sharon Larkin

An African American woman living away from her family in Los Angeles yearns to be recognized for more than her physical attributes. In cultivating the friendship of a male office mate, she aspires to a relationship where romance is not a factor, seeking someone who can "see her as she is," rather than see only what he wants to see. —Samuel B. Prime

Producer: Claudine Mitchell, Dankwa Khan. Screenwriter/Editor: A. S. Larkin. Cinematographer: Charles Burnett. Cast: Adisa Anderson.

16mm, color, 51 min.

Creating a Different Image: Portrait of Alile Sharon Larkin (1989)

Directed by O.Funmilayo Makarah

A jubilant affirmation of self-identity, Creating a Different Image is Alile Sharon Larkin in her own words defiantly declaring, "I am an artist." Learn more about the personal life and professional aspirations of the filmmaker behind Your Children Come Back to You (1979), A Different Image (1982), Dreadlocks and the Three Bears (1991) and many more. —Samuel B. Prime

Cast: Alile Sharon Larkin.

Digital video, color, 5 min.

Dreadlocks and the Three Bears (1991)

Directed by Alile Sharon Larkin, Armandilo Cousin

A contemporary reimagining of the timeless “Three Bears” fairy tale, Dreadlocks and the Three Bears tells the story we all heard as children, but with an African American protagonist replacing the tale's original blond-haired belle. An animation composed of construction paper cut-ups, Dreadlocks is at once both an extremely playful and yet undeniably political work of art aimed at younger generations. —Samuel B. Prime

Producer/Screenwriter: A. S. Larkin. Cinematographer: Melvonna Ballenger. Editor: Alile Cousin. Cast: A. S. Larkin.

Digital video, color, 12 min.

Your Children Come Back to You (1979)

New print!

Directed by Alile Sharon Larkin

A single mother ekes out a living from welfare check to welfare check, struggling to provide for her daughter.  She is faced with the decision to look after her personally or to allow her sister-in-law to provide "more than enough" to go around. Larkin’s film masterfully presents a child’s perspective on wealth and social inequality. —Samuel B. Prime

Producer/Screenwriter: A. S. Larkin. Cinematographer: Charles Burnett. Editor: A. S. Larkin, Charles Burnett. Cast: Angela Burnett, Patricia Bentley King, Simi Nelson, Sabu Zawadi, Nashay Brady.

16mm, b/w, 30 min.

New print struck from the original 16mm b/w negative A/B rolls and the original 16mm track negative.