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A Bitter Taste of Freedom (2011)

A Bitter Taste of Freedom (2011)
October 2, 2011 - 7:00 pm
Marina Goldovskaya.

"Profoundly moving, politically provocative and apt to provoke moral outrage."Daily Variety

Directed by Marina Goldovskaya

Marina Goldovskaya’s documentary on famed Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya powerfully tells the story of her colleague and friend who was murdered in 2006 while investigating the most controversial actions of the Russian state.  Exceedingly intimate, the film astutely observes the principled determination that sealed Politkovskaya’s fate, and the adulation of countless Russians who viewed her as their only intercessor with justice in the period between perestroika and the fall of communism.

Digital video, color, in Russian and English with English subtitles, 88 min.