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Gravehopping (Odgrobadogroba) (Slovenia, 2005)
(Slovenia, 2009)

Gravehopping (2005)
September 26, 2011 - 7:30 pm
Igor Šterk.

Gravehopping (Odgrobadogroba) (Slovenia, 2005)

Directed by Jan Cvitkovič

In this deft, ironic comedy by Jan Cvitkovič, every tragedy has its grimly humorous side.  Grave hopping funeral orator Pero is busy eulogizing for laughs and ineptly wooing a local girl while his father stages comical suicide attempts and his free-spirited sister defies the small town ennui.  The graveside humor and comic relief shows the characters’ resilience all the way to the last, formidable scene.

Producer: Janez Burger, Jan Cvitkovič.  Screenwriter: Jan Cvitkovič.  Cinematographer: Simon Tansek.   Editor: Milos Kalusek.  Cast: Gregor Bakovič, Drago Milinović, Sonja Savić, Mojca Fatur, Natasa Matjasec.

35mm, color, in Slovenian with English subtitles, 103 min.

9:06 (Slovenia, 2009)

Directed by Igor Šterk

A film noir par excellence and a first-rate psychological drama, Igor Šterk’s 9:06 takes us to Ljubljana, where police inspector Dusan (Igor Samobor in a terrific performance) investigates an unusual suicide.  The investigation soon turns into obsession as he moves into the apartment of the deceased, assuming the identity of the dead man and reliving the victim’s, as well as his own, shattered life.

Producer: Igor Šterk, Frank Celarc, Christoph Thoke.  Screenwriter: I. Šterk, Siniša Dragin.  Cinematographer: Simon Tansek.  Editor: Petar Markovic.  Cast: Igor Samobor, Labina Mitevska, Silva Cusin, Pavle Ravnohrib, Gregor Bakovic.

35mm, color, in Slovenian with English subtitles, 71 min.