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Valley of Peace (Dolina Miru) (Slovenia, 1956)
Kekec (Slovenia, 1951)

Valley of Peace (1956)
September 9, 2011 - 7:30 pm

Valley of Peace (Dolina Miru) (Slovenia, 1956)

Directed by France Štiglic

Two children lose their families in an air raid and take to wandering the countryside, dodging Yugoslav partisans and invading Fascist forces, seeking a storied “Valley of Peace.”  Taken under the wing of a stranded U.S. paratrooper, their faith in their deliverance is alternately vindicated and sorely tested in this strangely lyrical film that reflects Slovenia’s dogged pursuit of its own destiny in the tumultuous 20th century.

Screenwriter: Ivan Ribič.  Cinematographer: Rudi Vavpotic.  Editor: Radojka Ivancevic.  Cast: Tugomir Štiglic, Evelyne Wohlfeiler, John Kitzmiller, Boris Kralj, Maks Furjan.

35mm, b/w, in Slovenian, German and English with English subtitles, 88 min.

Kekec (Slovenia, 1951)

Directed by Jože Gale

This Alpine tale introduced the resourceful lad “Kekec,” already a popular folk character, to the screen.  Clever Kekec brings peace to his mountain village, outwitting the evil poacher Bedanec, who terrorizes the locals.  A Slovenian David-and-Goliath story, the delightful film and plucky Kekec himself were lovingly adopted by Slovenians well-acquainted with foreign influence, and doggedly devoted to cultural preservation and self-direction.

Screenwriter: J. Gale, Franc Milčinski.  Cinematographer: Ivan Marincek.  Editor: I. Marincek.  Cast: Matija Barl, F. Milčinski, France Presetnik, Zdenka Logarjeva, Lojze Potokar.

35mm, b/w, in Slovenian with English subtitles, 91 min.