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Three Wise Girls (1932)

Three Wise Girls (1932)
August 27, 2011 - 7:30 pm

Newly restored print!

Directed by William Beaudine

Generally not available until 2009, when Sony Pictures restored the film, this surprising little Columbia programmer allowed Harlow to shine without the hot sex. As a small-town girl in the big city, drawing swarms of wealthy suitors, Jean Harlow gets to play a Mary Pickford type, which is only fitting, given that William Beaudine directed “Little Mary” in Sparrows. Meanwhile, old pal Mae Clark, who comes from the same small town, demonstrates what happens when working class women cave too readily to men’s desires: unlike socialites, they can’t afford to give it away. 

Columbia Pictures Corp. Screenwriter: Wilson Collison, Robert Riskin, Agnes Christine Johnston. Cinematographer: Ted Tetzlaff. Editor: Jack Dennis. Cast: Jean Harlow, Mae Clark, Walter Byron.

35mm, b/w, 68 min.