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Where Are Their Stories? (Donde estan sus historias?) (Mexico/Canada, 2007)

Where Are Their Stories? (2007)
August 13, 2011 - 7:30 pm
Nicolás Pereda.

Directed by Nicolás Pereda

Vicente (Gabino Rodríguez), the youngest grandson of an ailing matriarch, must protect her rural home from circling relatives who want to sell it off. To block the sale, Vicente walks into the city to find his mother (Teresa Sánchez), a domestic, and hire a lawyer. Pereda’s camera tags along, as country roads become urban streets, interstitial sequences that introduce a documentary feel to the film’s naturalisitc rhythms. Alongside the general resignation that marks the other characters, Vicente emerges a laconic man of action.

Producer: Catalina Pereda. Screenwriter/Editor: Nicolás Pereda. Cinematographer: Alejandro Coronado. Cast: Gabino Rodríguez, Teresa Sánchez, Clarisa Malheiros, Juana Rodríguez, Refugio Alejo. 

35mm, color, 73 min.