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Native Dancer (Kazakhstan, 2008)
Schizo (Kazakhstan/Russia/France/Germany, 2004)

Native Dancer (2008)
June 12, 2011 - 7:00 pm
Guka Omarova.

Native Dancer (Baksy) (Kazakhstan, 2008)

Directed by Guka Omarova

Aidai is a “Baksy,” a spiritual healer in the Kazakh countryside, trusted and consulted by local people.  Trouble arrives when a gangster decides that Aidai’s sacred land would be perfect for a petrol station, and seeks to uproot her.  Defended by a businessman who once consulted her, Aidai stands at the center of a unique clash between tradition and modernity.

Producer: Sergei Bodrov, Sergei Selianov, Anar Kashaganova, Natasha Devillers. Screenwriter: S. Bodrov, G. Omarova. Cinematographer: Rafik Gallev. Editor: Dasha Danilova. Cast: Neisipkul Omarbekova, Farkhad Amankulov, Almat Ayanov, Tulepbergen Baisakalov, Asel Abutova.

35mm, color, in Russian and Kazakh with English subtitles, 87 min.

Schizo (Kazakhstan/Russia/France/Germany, 2004)

filmmaker Guka Omarova.

Directed by Guka Omarova

In director Guka Omarova’s acclaimed first feature, a teenaged Mustafa is enlisted by his sister’s live-in boyfriend to recruit fighters for illegal fistfights.  When one brawl leaves a fighter dead, with a girlfriend and young child effectively widowed and orphaned, Mustafa accepts responsibility for them and must step up his game, matching wits with gangsters for his new family’s welfare.  Guka Omarova paints a searing portrait of humanity and survival ethics in post-Soviet Kazakhstan.

Producer: Sergei Bodrov, Sergei Selianov, Serbei Azimov. Screenwriter: S. Bodrov, G. Omarova. Cinematographer: Hasanbeck Kidiraliev. Editor: Ivan Lebedev.  Cast: Olzhas Nusuppaev, Olga Landina, Eduard Tabischev, Viktor Sukhorukov, Nurtay Kanagat.

35mm, color, in Russian with English subtitles, 86 min.