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UCLA Film & Television Archive and the Hammer Museum present

Camille 2000 (1969)

Camille 2000 (1969)
June 3, 2011 - 8:00 pm
Radley Metzger.

Digitally restored extended version!

Directed by Radley Metzger

If the swinging kids from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls split for Europe and rented the chateau from Last Year at Marienbad, the resulting romp might groove a little like Metzger’s ultra sexy stylish Camille 2000 (1969). Adapted from Alexandre Dumas’ classic tale of a doomed courtesan and the naïve young man who falls in love with her, the story here comes saturated with ‘60s decadence as "the cream of international society...and a bit of the scum” float through a world of haute couture, inflatable furniture and fetish parties set to the pulsing rhythms of Piero Piccioni’s lush score.

After the screening, party like the Jet Set in the Hammer Museum courtyard with a cash bar, DJ and lots of surprises.

Producer: Radley Metzger. Based on a novel by Alexandre Dumas. Screenwriter: Michael DeForrest. Cinematographer: Ennio Guarnieri. Cast: Danièle Gaubert, Nino Castelnuovo, Eleonora Rossi-Drago, Philippe Forquet, Roberto Bisacco. 

Blu-ray, color, 131 min.