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The Shaw Brothers Collection of Films on DVD Distributed by Celestial Pictures

Blood Brothers (1973)

Thanks to a generous donation from Celestial Pictures over 500 DVDs of Hong Kong films originally produced and released in theaters by the Shaw Brothers between 1956 and 1997 are now available for viewing onsite at UCLA by appointment. The Shaw Brothers DVD Collection at UCLA represents all genres, from kung fu and martial arts to romantic comedies, from historical epics to docu-realistic dramas, from horror fantasies to musicals, Huangmei opera, and period dramas to adult-themed films. Titles include: Kingdom and the Beauty (1959), Come Drink with Me (1966), The Silent Swordsman (1967).

Directors represented include: Li Han-hsiang (1926-1996), Doe Chin (1915-1969), Yen Chun (1917-1980), Lo Chen (1923-2003), Lo Wei (1918-1996), Ho Meng-hua (1923-), Yueh Fung (1910-1999), Kao Li (1924-), Chang Cheh (1923-2002), Pan Lei (1927-), Cheng Kang (1924-), Inoue Umetsugu (1923-), Sun Chung (1941-), Kuei Chih-hung (1937-1999), Pao Hsueh-li (1937-), Chu Yuan (1934-), among others.

Download a listing of the titles available for onsite viewing from the Shaw Brothers Collection in PDF format or an Excel spreadsheet.

For additional information, consult the UCLA Library Search catalog, or contact the Archive Research and Study Center (ARSC) for assistance.

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