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"Use of informants in law enforcement agencies"

January 31, 1972


At a press conference, a young Hispanic man talks about both being a police informant and the problems he sees with the use of informants. When he started working as an informant he had good intentions and really believed in the work he was doing. After seeing how corrupt the system was against his people, he decided it was not right, and he now believes all intelligence obtained through informants should be eliminated. The group holding the press conference also hopes to call attention to the entrapment of activists and force the government to begin a congressional investigation of these activities. The case of Los Tres del Barrio, in which three Hispanic men were accused of shooting a federal agent posing as a drug dealer, is also briefly discussed.

Note:  The KTLA newsfilm collection at UCLA consists of cut and unedited stories, outtakes and fill footage, originally shot on 16mm reversal film stock with magnetic soundtrack. Some footage, particularly material not used for broadcast, may be without sound.