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Tag: Alan Cumming

Host: Alan Cumming.  Featured guests: Jacqueline Woodson, James Howe, Alex Sanchez, Catie Curtis, Harvey Fierstein, Martin Sherman, E. Lynn Harris.

Summary: The first episode of season 13 begins a segment about the Christian Coalition's relationship with local school boards, followed by an examination of the political process in which school textbooks are censored and selected for use. An update of a segment originally from episode 1302 looks at funding difficulties for gay-related HIV organizations. The next segment profiles gay best-selling young adult authors Jacqueline Woodson, James Howe and Alex Sanchez. The Real to Reel segment is about Treading Water, a film about rural gay America. Gay folk singer Catie Curtis is also profiled. Harvey Fierstein's Out Take is titled "And the Winner Is," and he and Martin Sherman also provide historical PSAs during the episode. E. Lynn Harris provides the celebrity ID.

Note: Some audio content removed due to copyright restrictions.
54:39 - 56:10: Aretha Franklin, "Think"

Host: Alan Cumming.  Featured guests: Michele Kammerer, Tom Schumacher, Miss Richfield 1981, Irene Monroe, Bev Ditsie, Judy Shepard, Sam Behrens, Howard Dean.

Summary: This episode is a reversion featuring segments from previous episodes as well as new segments. Excerpts from episodes 805, 902, 1004, 1209 and 1406 spotlight such individuals as firefighter Michele Kammerer, Disney employee Tom Schumacher, drag performer Miss Richfied, Reverend Irene Monroe and South African AIDS activist Simon Nkoli. The Coming Out stories segment features six individuals sharing their stories of coming out in the workplace. Judy Shepard, Sam Behrens and Howard Dean provide PSAs during the episode.

Note: Some audio content removed due to copyright restrictions.
33:53 - 34:44: The B-52's, "The World's Green Laughter."

Host: Alan Cumming. Guests: Elizabeth Streb, Dan Fishback.

Summary: The final episode of season 14 begins with a segment about Cowpokes, a gay bar in New Orleans whose patrons helped rebuild the Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina. The next segment profiles dancer and choreographer Elizabeth Streb, followed by a spotlight on Dan Fishback, who came out to his family at age fifteen. The Real to Reel segment showcases Saint of 9/11, a documentary about New York City's Father Mychal Judge.

Host: Alan Cumming.  Featured guests: Elizabeth Streb, Dan Fishback.

Summary: This episode is a rebroadcast of episode 1512, originally broadcast September 2006. The episode includes spotlights on Elizabeth Streb, Daniel Fishback, Mychal Judge, and the Cowpokes gay bar in New Orleans.

Note: Some audio content removed due to copyright restrictions.
8:17 - 10:40: John Fahey, "St. Louis Blues"
14:57 - 16:47: Willie Nelson, "Goin' Home"
17:34 - 18:01: Philip Sheppard, "Primary Colors"
18:19 - 18:58: Philip Sheppard, "Roulette - First Corn"


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