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Tag: HIV-positive persons

Host: Denis O'Hare.  Featured guests: John Bartlett, Pamela Sneed, Bev Ditsie, Patricia Clarkson, Harvey Fierstein, Billie Jean King, Wilson Cruz, Martina Navratilova.

Summary: In the first segment, John Bartlett covers the HIV-positive modeling agency Proof Positive. The next segment features Pamela Sneed taking a close look at LGBT nursing home options. The Real to Reel segment spotlights Simon and I, Bev Ditsie's documentary about South African AIDS activist Simon Nkoli. The next segment discusses gay harassment in high school, and Patricia Clarkson covers the Broadway play, Take Me Out. Harvey Fierstein's Out Takes segment is titled "Gay Pride Day." Billie Jean King, Wilson Cruz and Martina Navratilova provide historical PSAs throughout the episode.

Note: Some audio content removed due to copyright restrictions.
54:53 - 55:22: Dolly Parton, "Light of a Clear Blue Morning"

Host: Billy Porter.  Featured guests: Alan Steinman, Sharon Kleinbaum, Dawn Rose, Lisa Moore, Harvey Fierstein.

Summary: This episode is a reversion featuring segments from previous episodes as well as new segments. Excerpts from episodes 1209, 1302, 1305, 1306 and 1309 cover such topics as "Don't ask, don't tell," the bear subculture, lesbian rabbis, advertising in the HIV/AIDS drug industry, Redbone Press, and the documentary, Bombay Eunuch. Harvey Fierstein's Out Takes segment is a rebroadcast of episode 1109's "Good One."

Host: Katherine Linton.  Featured guests: Christopher Durang, Lorenzo Taylor.

Summary: The final episode of season 15 celebrates the diversity of the LGBT community through its art, personal journeys and those fighting for change. The first segment celebrates the 20th anniversary of the film, Desert Hearts, followed by a profile of playwright and actor Christopher Durang. The next segment is about Taylor v. Rice, a suit against the Department of State, filed in opposition to a ban on the hiring of HIV-positive people as Foreign Service Officers. The Real to Reel segment is about Red Without Blue, a documentary about an identical twin's decision to transition from male to female. The episode ends with a discussion about gay pride with members of the LGBT community, as well as first-hand accounts of the May 2007 Pride celebration in Moscow, Russia.

Note: Some audio content removed due to copyright restrictions.
54:24 - 55:52: Brandi Carlile, "Follow"


Featured guests: Mathilde Krim, Phill Wilson.

Summary:  The episode begins with a segment about the web-based AIDS/HIV prevention campaign, "HIV Is Still a Big Deal." Next is an update on Taylor v. Rice, a suit against the Department of State for employment discrimination in the Foreign Service that spurred the lifting of its ban on hiring HIV-positive officers, first covered in episode 1612. The A conversation with… segment features Dr. Mathilde Krim and Phill Wilson discussing the fight against AIDS and the current state of the epidemic.

Featured guests: Kenneth Cole, Regan Hofmann. 

Summary: The episode begins with a segment about scientists working to find a vaccine for HIV. The A Conversation with… segment features fashion designer Kenneth Cole and POZ magazine editor-in-chief Regan Hofmann discussing the stigma surrounding HIV. The next segment is about the effectiveness of the "HIV Is Still a Big Deal" web series, originally spotlighted in episode 1803.

Summary: The episode begins with a segment considering laws that criminalize HIV exposure, transmission or nondisclosure of an individual's HIV status, looking at the stigma and misinformation in laws meant to curb the spread of disease and their impact on HIV-positive individuals. The next segment focuses on the health struggles of bisexual women.

Summary: The episode begins with a segment that focuses on women who have been stigmatized and prosecuted under HIV-criminalization laws. Next is an update on a segment about HIV criminalization from episode 2003, looking at the public education efforts and Congressional briefing on the issue that happened after that segment aired.

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