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Tag: bullying

Featured guest: Sirdeaner Walker.

Summary: The episode begins with a segment about high depression and suicide rates among bullied LGBT youth, featuring Sirdeaner Walker among the family members fighting for federal legislation to protect their children. The In the States segment focuses on Ohio, considers such topics as domestic partner benefits and employee discrimination, and spotlights locals with deep ties to the LGBT community organizing for equal rights in the state.

Featured guests: Dustin Lance Black, Sirdeaner Walker.

Summary: The episode begins with a rebroadcast of a segment from episode 1906 that focuses on bullied LGBT youth. The next segment features screenwriter Dustin Lance Black returning to his hometown of Salinas, California for Live Out Loud's homecoming project, delivering a message of survival for a new generation of high school students.

Summary: The first episode of the final season begins with a segment about how anti-LGBT rhetoric is changing as cultural acceptance of LGBT people grows throughout the United States and overt hate speech becomes less acceptable. The In the States segment focuses on Minnesota, looking at the LGBT experience in public schools, harassment of LGBT students and a proposed initiative to limit marriage to heterosexual couples.

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