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Tag: modern art

Host: Katherine Linton.

Summary: The segment on China covers gays, lesbians, Communism and culture, followed by a look at the "Transforming the Crown" art exhibit in Great Britain, featuring the work of African, Asian and Caribbean artists. The next segment is about lesbian activism in the Philippines, and the episode also spotlights the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. Another segment covers gay culture and rights in Brazil. The Pact of Common Interest and domestic partnership law in France is also discussed, and the episode features a preview of the 1998 Amsterdam Gay Games.

Note: Some audio content removed due to copyright restrictions.
2:56 - 3:06: Lei Qiang, "Pick Up the Betel / The Purple Bamboo Song."

Host: Katherine Linton.

Summary: The final episode of the eighth season is a rebroadcast of episode 704, originally broadcast April 14, 1998. The episode explores LGBT life in China, Great Britain, the Philippines, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, and elsewhere around the world.

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