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Tag: Michelle Lopez

Host: Katherine Linton. Correspondents: Hal German, C.D. Ignacio, Janet Baus, John Catania, Amy Harrison. Featured guests: John Corigliano, Michelle Lopez.

Summary: The first segment, The State of AIDS, focuses on the examination of protease inhibitors, and the second segment is John Corigliano: Of Rage and Remembrance. This episode's A Day in the Life segment profiles AIDS activist Michelle Lopez, while the theater spotlight focuses on AIDS on stage with the casts of Rent, When Pigs Fly and Cowgirls. The next segment focuses on transgender community issues, followed by coverage of the 1996 International Gay & Lesbian Rodeo. The organization, Pet Owners With AIDS Resource Service (POWARS), is also profiled. Quentin Crisp provides this episode's Celebrity ID.

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Host: RuPaul Andre Charles.  Featured guests: Keith Boykin, Irene Monroe, Toshi Reagon, Pamela Sneed, Cherry Jones, Michelle Lopez, Ruth Ellis.

Summary: This episode is a reversion featuring segments from previous episodes as well as new segments. Excerpts are taken from previously aired episodes 503, 602, 803, 805 and 904, and cover such figures as Bayard Rustin, Irene Monroe, James Baldwin and Ruth Ellis, as well as such topics as civil rights and AIDS in the African-American community. The Out Artists Speak Out segment features Toshi Reagon, Pamela Sneed and Cherry Jones. The In the News segment covers the Balm in Gilead organization's AIDS conference and Team Harmony VII. The In the Arts segment looks at the films, A Luv Tale and Punks. Women of Spelmen College provide the episode's celebrity ID.

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