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Tag: Johnny Symons

Host: Katherine Linton.  Featured guests: John Schlesinger, Rick McKay, Johnny Symons, Barbara Anderson, Brad Newcombe.

Summary: The final episode of the fourth season focuses on gay documentary cinema. Films profiled include It's Elementary, Both of My Moms' Names are Judy, All God's Children and Lifetime Surviving AIDS. The episode also spotlights openly gay directors John Schlesinger and Rick McKay. A showcase of the winners of In the Life's short film and video festival includes No Regrets and Johnny Symon's Shaving the Castro. Clips from previous episodes are re-aired, covering activism in Cuba, the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) conference, Ciprian Cucu, and gay Native Americans in modern and pre-Columbian times. A profile of the movie, Stonewall, includes interviews with the cast and crew. Patrick Swayze provides the episode's celebrity ID.

Host: Katherine Linton.  Featured guests: Dan Savage, Rue Thais-Williams, Jewel Thais-Williams, Jon Galluccio, Michael Galluccio, Susan Morabito, Kate Clinton.

Summary: This episode is a reversion featuring segments from previous episodes as well as new segments. Excerpts are taken from previously aired episodes 401, 804 and 902, featuring such figures as Dan Savage and Dee Mosbacher, and covering such topics as gay parenting, deaf LGBT couples, and the documentary, Straight from the Heart. It also features a segment about New York City's Father Mychal Judge. Los Angeles activists Rue and Jewel Thais-Williams are also profiled. Susan Morabito, Kate Clinton, and Jon and Michael Galluccio provide PSAs during the episode.

Host: Cherry Jones.  Featured guests: Dennis Kucinich, Harvey Fierstein, Lesley Gore, Pamela Sneed, Alex Sanchez.

Summary: The episode begins with an Out and About segment spotlighting New York City as a destination for gay travelers. The next segment offers a look at the gay subculture of bears, followed by a spotlight on an addition to the Schomburg Center that archives black gay and lesbian history. Dennis Kucinich is then profiled. The Real to Reel segment spotlights Let's Get Real, a documentary about classroom bullying. The next segment focuses on a gay student association in a suburban Chicago high school. In the next segment, Newark LGBT activists and parents seek a center for their city's gay youth following the murder of lesbian teen Sakia Gunn. Harvey Fierstein's Out Takes segment is titled "Holiday Madness." Lesley Gore and Pamela Sneed provide PSAs during the episode, and Alex Sanchez provides the Celebrity ID.

Note: Some audio content removed due to copyright restrictions.
56:01 - 57:10: Laura Bell Bundy, Matthew Morrison, Linda Hart, "You Can't Stop the Beat"

Host: Michael Cunningham.  Featured guests: Jacqueline Woodson, James Howe, Alex Sanchez, Kevin Jennings, Joycelyn Elders, Ann Bannon, Debra Chasnoff, E. Lynn Harris.

Summary: This episode is a reversion featuring segments from previous episodes as well as new segments. Excerpts from episodes 1001, 1207, 1306 and 1401 spotlight such subjects as LGBT young adult fiction, the Black Gay and Lesbian Archives at the Schomburg Center in Harlem, school textbook controversies in Texas, Ann Bannon, E. Lynn Harris, and the documentary, Let's Get Real.

Note: Some audio content removed due to copyright restrictions.
54:10 - 55:40: The Sundays, "Here's Where the Story Ends"

Featured guests:  Johnny Symons, Pratibha Parmar, Margaret Cho, The Cliks, Charles Busch, John Schlesinger.

Summary:  The final episode of season 16 focuses primarily on the world of film. It begins with a visit to the 10th Annual Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, with a prominent focus on Ask Not, Johnny Symons' documentary about the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. The next segment is about It's Still Elementary, a documentary that revisits the students from It's Elementary. Pratibha Parmar's film, Nina's Heavenly Delights, is also showcased. Next, Margaret Cho discusses the U.S. Air Force's proposal to develop a "gay bomb," a chemical weapon that would cause homosexual behavior in enemy soldiers, followed by a spotlight on The Cliks, a documentary about the gender-queer, trans Canadian punk band. In a rebroadcast of a segment from episode 505, Charles Busch interviews director John Schlesinger.

Note:  Some audio content removed due to copyright restrictions.
56:15-56:47: Bette Midler, "Chapel of Love"


Host: Katherine Linton.Featured guests: Felicia Park-Rogers, Sal Piro, Susan Sarandon, Nancy Lanoue, Ann Bancroft, James Dale, E. Lynn Harris.

Summary: The episode begins with a segment covering the COLAGE organization and Felicia Park-Rogers in San Francisco. The next segment features Sal Piro and Susan Sarandon discussing The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and the In the News segment covers a pledge drive to protest an anti-LGBT website in Madison, WI. The next segment spotlights Nancy Lanoue and the Thousand Waves Martial Arts and Self-Defense Center in Chicago. The In the Arts segment covers the 25th anniversary of the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, and looks at the films, The Adventures of Felix, Lost & Delirious and Kiss of the Spider Woman. The next segment looks at leather culture, and another spotlights explorer Ann Bancroft's Antarctic expedition. The Galluccio family and James Dale provide PSAs during the episode, and E. Lynn Harris provides the celebrity ID.

Note: Some audiovisual content removed due to copyright restrictions.

Excerpts from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975):

Excerpt from Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985):


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