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Tag: catholic gays

Host: Katherine Linton.  Correspondents: Tanya Barfield, Alan Tulin.  Featured guests: John Blandford, Mark Jordan, Regina Coll, Klaus Müller, David Mixner, Stefan K., Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles, Urvashi Vaid, Elizabeth Birch, David Mixner, Rich Tafel, Melinda Paras, George Stephanopoulos, Barney Frank, Jennifer Camper, Howard Cruse, George C. Wolfe, Anne Harris, Madeleine Olnek, Peggy Shaw, Holly Hughes, Ira Jeffries, Gail Shister, Vanessa Agnew.

Summary: The Gay and Catholic segment begins by covering the gay and lesbian student organization at Notre Dame University. Other college gay and lesbian groups are discussed, and the segment also considers the Catholic Church's relationship with homosexuality, ministry outreach and reactions to the film, Priest. The Holocaust segment provides a history of the German gay movement before the rise of Nazism, and the subsequent persecution of gays in the Holocaust. The significance of the pink triangle is discussed, along with the Holocaust Memorial Museum's exhibit on homosexuals in the Holocaust. It also previews a documentary about The Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles visiting a Concentration Camp on their European tour. The next segment covers reactions to a poll in The Advocate about gay leaders, followed by speeches about the Non-discrimination Employment Act by George Stephanopoulos and Barney Frank. Katherine Linton then interviews Stephanopoulos. The next segment is about gay comic strips, featuring Jennifer Camper and Howard Cruse, while the theater spotlight covers how local lesbian theater, primarily focusing on WOW Cafe. Interviewees offer reflections about Christmas, and animated character Wendell Trupstock provides this episode's Celebrity ID.

Host: Katherine Linton.  Featured guests: Phill Wilson, Harvey Fierstein.

Summary: The episode begins with a profile of AIDS activist Phill Wilson, followed by a spotlight on animal rights activists in Maryland. The Out & about segment includes an update on the Fred Martinez murder trial, and also covers the Young Gay America Youth Conference and gay penguins at the New York aquarium. The next segment looks at the Catholic Church and gay priests. This episode features a rebroadcast of the segment about Father Mychal Judge from episode 1103. The documentary, Questioning Faith: Confessions of a Seminarian, is profiled, and the Out Takes segment features Harvey Fierstein.

Note: Some audio content removed due to copyright restrictions.
34:38 - 35:12: Sarah McLachlan, "Angel"
36:44 - 41:27: Clips from Questioning Faith: Confessions of a Seminarian (2002)

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