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Tag: Quentin Crisp

Host: Katherine Linton.  Correspondents: Bill Britt, Liz Abzug, Greg Watt, Miguel Arenas.  Featured guests: Neil Meron, Craig Zadan, Judith Light, Margarethe Cammermeyer, Melissa Etheridge, Lea DeLaria, Marjorie Hill, Barney Frank, Betty Shabbazz, Paula Ettelbrick, Terry McKeon, Ann Quinn, Scott Davenport, Tim Fisher, Doug Robinson, Michael Elsasser, Roberta Stokes, Jacqué Dupreé, Terry Boggis, Charles Busch, Eduardo Valoria, Lizbet Gispert Oliva, Lazaro Chavez, Odaymara Cuesta Rousseaux, Osbel Suarez Breijo, Andrix Gudin Williams, April Martin, Barbara Smith, Thomas Glave, Donald Suggs, Buju Banton, Brand Nubian, Cornel West, Reverend Jones, Michael Franti, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Keith Randolph Smith, Calvin Trillin, Joan Didion, John Gregory Dunne, Kevin McDonough, Ivy Young, Esther Kopkind.

Summary: The first segment, Television Focus, is about the TV movie Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story (starring Glenn Close, and executive produced by Barbra Streisand), and includes clips of the movie and interviews with producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan, Judith Light, Margarethe Kammermeyer, Melissa Etheridge and Lea DeLaria.  Next, the Neighborhood Focus segment features a discussion of the similarities and differences between the African-American civil rights movement and the gay rights movement, with interviews with Dr. Marjorie Hill, Representative Barney Frank, Dr. Betty Shabazz, Paula Ettelbrick (Empire State Pride Agenda).  The first of three Family Album: Gay Families segments features interviews with gay families, and more interviews air later in the episode, including author April Martin.  Greg Watt introduces the Theater Spotlight segment, which covers You Should Be So Lucky, starring writer/actor Charles Busch and includes clips of the play and interview with Busch.  Following this segment is International Focus with correspondent Miguel Arenas, which covers Cuba featuring interviews with gays and lesbians in Cuba and clips from the film Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate).  This episode's Celebrity ID segment features writer and actor Quentin Crisp.  Segment Black LGBT History includes the Schomburg Center's recognition of Langston Hughes, a discussion between author Barbara Smith and writer Thomas Glave about Bayard Rustin.  The Documentary segment includes an interview with director Isaac Julien, followed by a clip from his film, The Darker Side of Black, which discusses homophobia in hip-hop, and includes Donald Suggs (GLAAD), Buju Banton, Brand Nubian, Professor Cornel West, Rev. Zachary Jones, songwriter Michael Franti and Language of Violence by Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.  Greg Watt introduces a second Theater Spotlight segment, which covers the play Holiday Heart, directed by Tazewell Thompson, and includes interviews with Thompson and Keith Randolph Smith, as well as rehearsal footage featuring Smith and Afi McClendon.  A memorial service at Rockefeller University for journalist and author Andrew "Andy" Kopkind includes, among others, writers Calvin Trillin, Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne.  The show concludes with clips and the music video Language of Violence by Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.

Note:  Some audiovisual content removed due to copyright restrictions.
25:02: Film clip from Strawberry and Chocolate (1993).
52:41 - 54:05: Fred Astaire, "They Can't Take That Away From Me."
54:29 - 55:37: The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, "Language of Violence."

Host: Katherine Linton. Correspondents: Hal German, C.D. Ignacio, Janet Baus, John Catania, Amy Harrison. Featured guests: John Corigliano, Michelle Lopez.

Summary: The first segment, The State of AIDS, focuses on the examination of protease inhibitors, and the second segment is John Corigliano: Of Rage and Remembrance. This episode's A Day in the Life segment profiles AIDS activist Michelle Lopez, while the theater spotlight focuses on AIDS on stage with the casts of Rent, When Pigs Fly and Cowgirls. The next segment focuses on transgender community issues, followed by coverage of the 1996 International Gay & Lesbian Rodeo. The organization, Pet Owners With AIDS Resource Service (POWARS), is also profiled. Quentin Crisp provides this episode's Celebrity ID.

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Interview with Kate Bornstein, Leslie Feinberg [unedited]


Host: Katherine Linton.  Featured guests: Pamela Sneed, Quentin Crisp, Kate Clinton, Tammy Baldwin.

Summary: The show opens with a segment focusing on the increase of AIDS in the African American community, followed by the Out Actors Speak Out segment with Pamela Sneed, Quentin Crisp and Kate Clinton. The next segment examines bisexuality, and a segment about transgendered musicians follows. The episode's A Day in the Life segment profiles gay congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, and the theater spotlight is about the play, Stop Kiss. The final segment covers Irish, Indian and Filipino gay cultural organizations. Quentin Crisp provides this episode's celebrity ID.

Host: Katherine Linton.  Featured guests: Tim Miller, Sam Harris, Michael Musto, Davide Rousseve.

Summary: The first segment is about the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center in San Antonio, Texas, while the Out Artists Speak Out segment features Tim Miller, Sam Harris and Michael Musto. The next segment covers David Roussève and the Dancers & AIDS organization, followed by a look at the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association's work in education regarding LGBT doctors. This episode includes footage from the Creating Change Conference, the Anti-violence Forum in Lynchburg and the SAGE awards in New York. The Queer as Folk segment spotlights the British television series. The segment about gay and deaf couples from episode 804 is rebroadcast. This episode also includes a tribute to Quentin Crisp. Charlie Hunnam provides this episode's celebrity ID.

Host: Katherine Linton. Featured guests: Billy Bean, Susan Sarandon, Harmony Hammond, Kathy Najimy, John Dugdale, Duane Michals, RuPaul Andre Charles.

Summary: The episode begins with a segment about gays in the military. Billy Bean and Susan Sarandon provide PSAs, while the next segment spotlights Harmony Hammond's book, Lesbian Art in America. The In the News segment covers the Coalition for Equality in New Mexico and the 24th Annual Aspen Gay & Lesbian Ski Week. The next segment focuses on domestic partner violence recovery programs. The In the Arts segment covers Kathy Najimy's play, Dirty Blonde, and Quentin Crisp's Resident Alien. The Common Threads camp in Fishkill, NY is then spotlighted. The next segment profiles photographer John Dugdale and includes an interview with Duane Michals. RuPaul Andre Charles provides the episode's celebrity ID.

Host: Lesley Gore.  Featured guests: Stormé DeLarverie, Harvey Fierstein, Alec Mapa, Cherry Jones, Sam Behrens, Quentin Crisp.

Summary: This episode is a reversion featuring segments from previous episodes as well as new segments. Excerpts from episodes 803, 1002, 1004, 1010, 1101, 1102 and 1205 spotlight Billy Strayhorn, GRIOT Circles, Romaine Brooks, Billy Tipton, Bayard Rustin, Barbara Gittings, Frank Kameny and Stormé DeLarverie. Harvey Fierstein's Out Takes segment is titled "Being Useful." Alec Mapa, Cherry Jones and Sam Behrens provide historical PSAs during the episode, and Quentin Crisp provides the celebrity ID.

Host: Leslie Gore.  Featured guests: Stormé DeLarverie, Harvey Fierstein, Alec Mapa, Cherry Jones, Sam Behrens, Quentin Crisp.

Summary: This episode is a rebroadcast of episode 1310, originally broadcast July 2004. The episode spotlights notable figures in LGBT history.

Note: Some audio content removed due to copyright restrictions.
55:10 - 56:37: The Troggs, "Love is All Around"

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