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Episode Title:

"Image, Identity, Diversity: Crossing Borders"

Episode Air Date:
February 9, 1998
Episode Season: 
Episode Number:


Host: Katherine Linton. Featured guest: Joi Cardwell.

Summary: The first segment covers the ACOSIDA AIDS clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, followed by a profile of lesbian dance club diva Joi Cardwell. The art spotlight is about a gay Jewish renaissance in music, film and theater, while the film spotlight is about the documentary, Family Name. The next segment is about the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder in children and adolescents, followed by a segment about the impact of internet resources and websites for the LGBT community. The Audre Lorde Project is also profiled in this episode.

Note: Some audiovisual content removed due to copyright restrictions.
15:22 - 16:00: Joi Cardwell, "Run to You."
17:18 - 18:30: Joi Cardwell, "Soul to Bare."
27:46: Clip from Family Name (1997).
28:06: Clip from Family Name.
28:11: Clip from Family Name.
31:36: Clip from Ma Vie en rose (1997).