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Episode Title:

"In the Life's 5th Anniversary"

Episode Air Date:
August 28, 1997
Episode Season: 
Episode Number:


Host: Katherine Linton.

Summary: The final episode of the fifth season is a retrospective on the first five years of In the Life, hosted by Katherine Linton. It begins with a history of the program, including footage of Bob Dole criticizing its funding, and its evolution from variety show to newsmagazine program. Clips from each episode of the first season are featured, as well as from episodes 301 and 302. Kate Clinton discusses the early days of the program in an interview, followed by more clips from previous episodes. Darius de Haas introduces a retrospective segment on art and performances featured over the course of the series, followed by interviews with Charles Busch and Garrett Glaser. The episode includes an in memoriam tribute to notable figures featured on In the Life, and ends with more clips from previous episodes.