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Host: Katherine Linton. Correspondents: Janet Baus, John Catania, Amy Harrison, Desireena Almoradie, C.D. Ignacio, Trish Cosgrove. Featured guests: Leone & MacDonald, Samuel Delany, Lady Chablis.

Summary: The first segment is about a civil suit against the Louisiana sodomy statute, and the second segment is the New Orleans gay heritage tour. This episode's A Day in the Life segment profiles the Lady Chablis, who also provides the episode's celebrity ID. The next segment features visual artists Leone & MacDonald discussing their video piece, "Passing." A segment about advertising and gay consumers follows. A look at documentaries about the gay Jewish experience features Sandi Dubowski's Trembling Before G-d and Treyf. The theater spotlight covers Robert O'Hara's play Insurrection, and the episode also includes a profile of author Samuel Delany.