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Host: Katherine Linton.  Correspondent: Kate Clinton.  Featured guests: Marga Gomez, Barney Frank, Susan Miller, Michael Kearns, Gene Ulrich.

Summary: The first segment is about gay rights and issues used in presidential campaigns and elections, and the second segment focuses on the viability of gay candidates for political office. The theater spotlight segment is on Marga Gomez and her show, A Line around the Block. The In the Press segment features a look at gay journalists coming out. Kate Clinton interviews U.S. Representative Barney Frank. The next segment spotlights the Mautner project, which provides aid to lesbians with breast cancer, followed by a segment focusing on Susan Miller and Michael Kearns using theater to promote awareness of breast cancer and AIDS. There is also a rebroadcast of the segment about Gene Ulrich, the gay mayor of Bunceton, MO first seen in episode 404. Marga Gomez provides the episode's Celebrity ID.