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Host: Katherine Linton.  Featured guests: Charlene Colthran, Keith Boykin, Kay Shelby, Dirk Shafer, Ciprian Cucu, Troy Perry.

Summary: The episode begins with a segment comparing and contrasting African American civil rights and gay civil rights. The next segment features the religious right's involvement regarding gay and lesbian issues in the public school system. The Bayard Rustin Rally segment is an interview with Charlene Cothran, and an interview with Keith Boykin of Leadership Forum follows. The theater spotlight is about the "Think It's Not When It Iz" Theatre and a lesbian sensitivity workshop. The next segment looks at gay religious organizations. An interview with Playgirl's Man of the Year Dirk Shafer follows. The In the World segment covers gay history and rights in South Africa, the film Out in Africa, and the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission with Ciprian Cucu, speaking about human rights abuses in Romania. Hate crime statistics are provided, and Chelsea House Press highlights author James Baldwin. The Spellman College Lesbian Bisexual Alliance provides the episode's celebrity ID.