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Hosts: Katherine Linton, Greg Watt.  Featured guests: Pat Lagon, Joe Melillo, Ninia Baehr, Genora Dancel, Dan Foley, Anne Maguire, Paul Rudnick, Betty.

Summary: The first segment features correspondent Kris Montgomery with same-sex marriage license applicants in Hawaii and attorney Dan Foley. The Global Minute about gay life in other countries is with Anne Maguire, co-founder of ILGO (Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization). Alan Tulin introduces a segment on Paul Rudnick, featuring an interview with the screenwriter/playwright on his career, mainly focusing on Addams Family Values and his play Jeffrey. A clip of the play features John Michael Higgins. A segment about GLAAD Media Award winners includes clips from the winning television programs, plays and movies. Sheridan Bailey presents a segment about gay independent film, with clips from Desperate Remedies, Savage Nights and Zero Patience, as well as an interview with Stewart Main and Peter Wells. The music segment is about the all-woman band, Betty, including performance clips and an interview with the band. The show concludes with the music video for Elton John and RuPaul's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."