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Episode 1795

c. 1944


Original air date unknown.

Cast: Gertrude Berg (Molly Goldberg); James R. Waters (Jake Goldberg); Roslyn Silber (Rosalie Goldberg); Alfred Ryder (Sammy Goldberg); Menasha Skulnik (Uncle David).

Announcer introduction: "It's supposed to be a proven fact that when people work at cross-purposes, nothing is ever accomplished. Perhaps... but yesterday, something happened at the Goldbergs that proves otherwise... What Molly did was only natural. Ever since Sammy and Dora had their engagement announced on the air, Molly, of course was in something of a dilemma. Just who was going to make the wedding... Dora's Mother, Mrs. Mayer or the Goldbergs. But the Mayers and the Goldbergs were not, on speaking terms... and since Molly could get no satisfaction from Mrs. Mayer about the wedding plans... it was only natural that Molly begin her own... and so, Molly called a Reverend she always wanted for her son's wedding. And here is where the cross-purposes were at work-- For when Molly got the Reverend, imagine her surprise when she discovered he'd just been spoken for by Mrs. Mayer. It was one time when the cross-purposes produced a good result. In fact, Molly is quite optimistic about relations with the Mayers now... how optimistic... well listen..."

Announcer close: "Well, it seems the impossible has happened -- Mrs. Mayer crying and asking Molly's forgiveness. Now, at the moment anyway, things look fine and promising for Dora and Sammy. There's only one hitch, though... just how long will this reconciliation last? Did Molly's words make a permanent impression on Mrs. Mayer... or did they only go skin deep?"