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Episode 1793

August 9, 1944


Original air date unknown; only record date known.

Cast: Gertrude Berg (Molly Goldberg); James R. Waters (Jake Goldberg); Roslyn Silber (Rosalie Goldberg); Alfred Ryder (Sammy Goldberg); Menasha Skulnik (Uncle David).

Announcer introduction: "People can run away from one another for just so long. After a while, in spite of themselves, they discover they're running toward one another instead -- especially if they're really in love -- well, there's no doubt that Sammy and Dora ran in opposite directions for a while -- but now -- not only have they turned towards each other -- but they've kissed in the bargain -- and, their love would be complete sunshine, for only one difficulty and that is Dora's mother, Mrs. Mayer -- for it appears, that she's unalterably opposed to Sammy. There are many reasons why, but the most important, even though she won't admit it, is pride. Of course Molly feels quite differently, and while she now knows Sammy and Dora are on the train together bound for New York -- she still doesn't know the exact situation. Listen..."

Announcer close: "Well, now the Goldbergs know just why Sammy went to New York. And after all the difficulties of bringing Sammy and Dora together, somehow the thunder and lightning, even though it did garble the announcer's words, seemed more a kind of applause than anything else. As the announcer said -- Congratulations -- But -- just what did Mrs. Mayer say when she heard those words?"