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Episode 1691

March 20, 1944


Original air date unknown; only record date known.

Cast: Gertrude Berg (Molly Goldberg); James R. Waters (Jake Goldberg); Roslyn Silber (Rosalie Goldberg); Alfred Ryder (Sammy Goldberg); Menasha Skulnik (Uncle David).

Announcer introduction: "Worry grows and spreads just like a fog. It begins as a tiny puff of rising vapor and then swells until it envelops you and every corner of your being is penetrated with it. And then it becomes fear, an uneasy troubled kind of fear... When Sammy's letter arrived from a hospital in Florida, at first, Molly was puzzled by its wording. Then she began to read between the lines, imagining all sorts of things... And as her questions multiplied, so did her fears. What was the matter with Sammy?... Just what did his letter mean?... Listen..."

Announcer close: "Perhaps that's what Sammy means in his letter, but whatever the truth really is, Molly can understand one thing, and that is, there are memories that leave scars. After all, the one that Sammy's going to war left, is still not really healed. But, all that can be done now, is to wait... and try to sleep. That's the hard part... try to sleep..."