Print Loan Policy

Film cans

While UCLA Film & Television Archive does not maintain a rental film library, we are happy to loan prints from our motion picture collection for occasional public screenings by qualified organizations, subject to print availability and certain terms and conditions.

General Information

Print loans will be restricted to films from the Archive's preservation collection, or films for which the Archive holds at least two prints in equally good condition.  Most films are available in 35mm only.

Archive prints will only be loaned to organizations that use a conventional two projector (changeover) system.  Prints will not be loaned to organizations that use a platter projection system, or that build up prints onto larger reels in order to reduce the number of changeovers required. 

In order to minimize wear and tear on our archival prints, films may generally be screened no more than three times on any loan.  Requests for additional screenings will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Organizations that have not previously borrowed prints from the Archive may be asked to submit contact information for sources from which they have previously borrowed films or letters of reference attesting to their ability to handle archival prints responsibly.

Our ability to approve loan requests is limited by the number of prints our inspection and shipping staff can handle during a given period of time.  Borrowers may be asked to reschedule a film for a later date, when a print is available or we are better able to accommodate their request.  Or borrowers may be referred elsewhere if the same film is available in a print of comparable quality from a commercial distributor.