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Meet Our Donors

UCLA Film & Television Archive is pleased to recognize our generous contributors, whose support makes it possible for us to preserve and make accessible our nation's moving image cultural heritage.

We would like to thank:

Preservation Circle

  •  Maxine and Benton Barry
  •  Best of Best Inc.
  •  Barbara and Bob Booker Sr.
  •  Lane Retallick and Lance Brisson
  •  Cecilia DeMille Presley and Randall Presley
  •  The Film Foundation, Inc.
  •  The Andrew J. Kuehn Foundation
  •  Iranian American Heritage Foundation of Southern California
  •  National Film Preservation Foundation
  •  The Packard Humanities Institute
  •  Myra Reinhard Foundation
  •  Quentin Tarantino
  •  Pride Foundation Ric Weiland Estate Fund

Producers Circle

  •  Joseph Drown Foundation
  •  Ralph and Barbara Edwards Family Foundation
  •  Charles Fiscus
  •  Steve Mosko

Directors Circle

  •  Stephanie and Harold Bronson
  •  William D. Heer III
  •  Mary Pickford Foundation
  •  Andrew James McLaughlin IV
  •  Carol Bahoric and Myron Meisel
  •  Nello Pace and Mary Jo Pace Trust
  •  Rohauer Collection Foundation
  •  Patsy and Robert Sung
  •  Tuscan Corporation

Studio Circle

  •  Sharon and Joseph Adashek
  •  James Blakely
  •  Frank Buxton
  •  Rita Cossette
  •  Carol Frank and Ronald Diamond
  •  FotoKem Film Video & Data
  •  Nick Grbac
  •  Crystal and Hugh Hefner
  •  Mindy Schirn and Jan-Christopher Horak
  •  Ron Merk
  •  Lawrence A. Mirisch
  •  Margaret Black and John Ptak
  •  Bruce Stanbery
  •  Lawrence Edward Turman
  •  Underground Vaults & Storage
  •  Kerry Sue Underwood
  •  Alex Winitsky


Silver Screen Circle

  •  Bonnie Arnold and Robert Puglisi
  •  Audio Mechanics
  •  Sarah and Tyler Bensinger MFA
  •  The Bridges/Larson Foundation
  •  Jim Brown
  •  Criterion
  •  The Early To Bed Tent - Oasis #239
  •  Filmstyle HD, LLC
  •  John Gloske
  •  Jack Larson
  •  Patrick Ian Mc Greal
  •  Dina Merrill and Ted Hartley
  •  Ann and Jerry Moss
  •  Sandra Nichols
  •  Michael Duane Rutledge
  •  Cedar Sherbert
  •  Shout! Factory
  •  Jack Oakie & Victoria Horne Oakie Charitable Foundation
  •  Lisa Stevens Brown
  •  Alexandra Seros and Walter Ulloa
  •  Bruce Walters
  •  What Gaiety! LLC

Cinephile Circle

  •  Jacqueline and Gene Autry
  •  The W. & R. Bernheimer Family Foundation
  •  Block-Heads Tent of the Sons of the Desert
  •  Mark Cantor
  •  Eric L. Cheevers
  •  Bob Duncan
  •  Renee Rastorfer and Harry Keramidas
  •  Deborah and John Landis
  •  Christine Berardo and Robert Markowitz
  •  Jeffery Jon Masino
  •  Margaret and F. Donald Miller
  •  Thomas Nemeth
  •  Jackie and Peter Oreckinto
  •  Jennifer Owens and Jay Ornellas
  •  Diane Cary and Jim Parriott III
  •  D. D. and Shell Plutsky
  •  Cathleen and Peter Reiher
  •  Stephen Neal Sauer
  •  Barbara Sproul
  •  Richard L. Utley






*List reflects gifts made between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

Family and Friends of Ron Isroelit

"Our dad was an avid old movie buff, and he especially loved Laurel & Hardy films. I remember many times (pre-video/DVD/Internet) when he would setup his 16mm projector and screen Laurel & Hardy titles like Brats (1930) and Hog Wild (1930) in the basement of our house or outside on a warm summer night so that the kids in the neighborhood could also see them. We'd watch them once, then rewind and watch them again and again. It was the memory of this enjoyment and his passion for classic films that motivated us to look for a unique way to honor his memory after he passed away. This led us to the discovery of UCLA Film & Television Archive's restoration program and the idea of restoring a film in his honor.

At the first meeting with the UCLA archivists, we were amazed at the list of films that needed to be restored: features, shorts, serials, westerns, comedies, silent and sound eras. Wow! What an opportunity, but how do you decide? Then we saw a few Laurel & Hardy titles on the list, and we knew immediately that restoring one of those would be a perfect way to honor his memory—and that his love for Laurel & Hardy films that he'd passed down not only to his kids, but also to his grandkids would live on. We settled on a classic Laurel & Hardy title called Helpmates (1932). It was a great way to give back to a specific cause that had meant so much to him during his life. And what better way to insure that future generations could benefit from the timeless Laurel & Hardy humor than to restore a classic title within the UCLA Film & Television Archive library."

Ken and Carol Schultz

Ken and Carol Schultz

"Our first exposure to classic films of the 1930s through the 1950s was during the 1970s in our hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where a guy named Rege Cordic hosted "Sunday Afternoon at the Movies." There were probably dozens of these Sunday afternoon matinee shows on air throughout the country at that time, but those shows were not hosted by Rege Cordic.

Rege had grown up in Pittsburgh and worked in radio during the '40s and '50s and moved to Los Angeles in the '60s to begin an acting career in television, but he returned to Pittsburgh regularly to host his show. Rege did a wonderful job of analyzing plots and characters, and describing the skills exhibited by actors and directors in creating fascinating depictions of human aspirations, fears and dreams—along with aspects of the films that nobody else ever talked about. Our love of classic films and belief that it is critical to preserve them is as much a result of our childhood memories of watching these films and learning about the complexities of life from them as it is the quality of the stories, phenomenal acting and talented people who brought them to life.

We are so pleased to be able to further our understanding of, and experience with, classic film and moving image through our involvement with UCLA Film & Television Archive. It has been quite meaningful to us that our philanthropic support of the Archive means not only our favorite films, but also other portions of the Archive collection can be preserved and accessed for future generations to study and enjoy.

Thank you Rege, and thank you to those at UCLA who dedicate their lives to this mission."