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Wendy Clarke Collection of Video Art

Download a sample list of available titles and additional research resources at UCLA in PDF format.

Since 1972, independent video artist, Wendy Clarke (daughter of independent filmmaker Shirley Clarke) has conceived and produced numerous interactive installations and tapes that have been exhibited internationally on television, in museums, galleries and public places.

Materials in the Wendy Clarke collection at UCLA includes both works-in-progress and completed projects. “Love Tapes,” a series in which W. Clarke documents people’s individual definitions of the meaning of love, is the largest single group in the collection, with both edited material and original footage from 1977-2001. The larger collection also includes: “One-on-One” (1991-1994) a series of video dialogues between the inmates in the California prison system; “Video Rotation,” a video art installation in the Artpark in Lewiston, NY from 1983; “The Link” (1984), which concerns providing instantaneous playback of on-site video in an altered form, creating an immediate, visual collage; “Amen” (1992), a group autobiography of inmates who have HIV/AIDS; and “Remembrance” video recollections that concern individual experiences with HIV/AIDS.

Among a number of smaller projects, this collection also contains a series of filmmaker Shirley Clarke’s work that was retained by W. Clarke. (UCLA also holds a number of films by Shirley Clarke, including The Connection, (1962), preserved at UCLA).

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